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May 2021 CAAT Webinar Recording is Available

Did you miss attending the May 4, 2021 CAAT Webinar “Resilient and Ready: Annual Report Webinar for Members and Participating Employers”? A recording of the presentation portion of the webinar (20 minutes) is available on YouTube. In their presentations, CEO Derek Dobson and newly appointed Chief Investment Officer Asif Haque discuss:

  • How CAAT is keeping your pension secure
  • How CAAT expanded service to members and employers
  • Improving access to sustainable pensions for more Canadians

According to Asif Haque, “the Plan’s investment performance was strong in 2020 despite market volatility and our long-term returns have also been strong relative to our policy benchmark and to our discount rate”. Derek Dobson, in summarizing his presentation, offered this reassurance: “Your pension is secure and the Plan is performing well. It is stronger today than it was a year ago”.

Welcome to OCRA’s New Website

Welcome to OCRA’s new website! Created by Black Cap Design, the website features a new logo, simple navigation, and a flexible design that makes it easy to view on many types of devices and browsers.

Along with the new design, the website features new content, including:

  • Expanded information about OCRA’s mission and priorities.
  • A new “About” section that describes OCRA’s history and structure.
  • An online membership application process to quickly and easily join OCRA.
  • Information for members about the CAAT Pension Plan and the College Employer Council.
  • Contact information for Ontario College (CAAT) retirees’ associations and clubs.

Moving forward, OCRA volunteers will continue to update the website with announcements, reminders, and resources relevant to OCRA members.

On behalf of the OCRA Executive, we hope that you find the new OCRA website a valuable resource.


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