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OCRA General Meeting to be held Oct. 23, 2019 at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts, Windsor.

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Important Notice


Every year Canadians (Seniors being particularly targeted) lose millions of dollars to scammers.
The Competition Bureau Canada has considered it important to produce “The Little Black Book of Scams” to help protect Canadians from fraud.

To access the “The Little Black Book of Scams”, please click here



Welcome to the home page of the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology Retirees’ Association (OCRA). The Association, which was established to pursue and foster the interests of its retiree members, was established on April 19th, 2001 at a meeting attended by representatives from eight of the Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology .

For more information on the role of OCRA, its Mission Statement and the relationship with local college associations, please click on the following Link.

Role of OCRA


Attention Retirees

You are invited to join the Ontario Colleges Retirees’ Association to keep informed about retiree issues that are important to you.

Membership in OCRA is open to all support, administrative, and faculty retirees from the 24 community colleges in Ontario and to retirees from related organizations who receive a pension from the CAAT Pension Plan.

OCRA works for retirees in areas such as:

  • pensions

  • health benefits

  • relationship building with organizations that can affect you as a retiree

  • local retiree association support

  • communication – via newsletters, bulletins, website, and general meetings

  • membership surveys to seek your input

  • timely assistance with pension or benefit related problems

Among member benefits are the opportunities to attend the OCRA General Meeting and to serve on the OCRA Board of Directors.

The annual membership fee is $10, and, for your convenience, a membership form can be accessed by clicking on the “Membership & Registration” Navigation button on the top of this web page.

There is a Membership Rate Table included with special rates for a lifetime membership on that page as well. Registration can be by a downloadable PDF file or by an online form.

Already an OCRA member?  Great!  Please encourage your retired or soon-to-be retired co-workers to join. With more members, OCRA becomes a stronger voice on your behalf. Need more information?

Email:      membership@ocraretirees.ca


Communicating with the Membership

OCRA recognizes that communication will be vital to attracting and maintaining members and we will be communicating regularly through a newsletter and this website on topics being addressed.

These will include, among others, the increasing costs of health and insurance benefits and pension plan improvements. As well, from time to time, OCRA makes arrangements with various suppliers of goods and services to provide discounts for members.

Please send your comments and suggestions to the OCRA Secretary at   secretary@ocraretirees.ca


Acronyms, Abbreviations, Contacts and Explanations

Just in case you get confused with some of the Acronyms, Abbreviations, Contacts and Explanations used on this website, please click on the following title. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file. If required, see below on how to obtain a free copy of the program.

Contact Information – Updated August 2019

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