Membership Eligibility

Under the OCRA constitution, “membership in the Association is open to all College (CAAT) retirees and to retirees of any other group that is included in the CAAT Pension Plan.”

Excerpt from OCRA Constitution re Membership Criteria

Please consider joining OCRA as a paid-up member to assist us in carrying out our mission for the members.”

New Membership Application Process

To join OCRA, complete your registration either by:

1.   Complete and submit the ONLINE form provided under the ONLINE REGISTRATION SECTION below.


2.    Click here to download a printable form and complete. Upon completion, you can either:

a.   Mail the application form to the address shown below.


b.   Scan the document and e-mail it as an attachment to the Membership Coordinator. (

Lifetime Membership

Please note that there is a Membership Status option of Lifetime Member. If you are interested in the option of a Lifetime Membership, please check the table at the bottom of the page to determine the applicable Lifetime Membership Fee.

Payment Options


The easiest way to make your payment is to go to your bank sign-in page and select Interac e-Transfer.

Follow your online bank account instructions. Email recipient is (Mobile not required.) You will not be required to input a security question as your payment is automatically deposited to OCRA.

NEW membership: — please put “NEW – Last Name, First Name” in the “e-Transfer” message box.

If paying “Lifetime Membership”, please indicate “AGE and FEE” in the “e-Transfer” message box.

 New members must remember to send the on-line application form first so that we know who you are when you send us funds!



 2. Send a Cheque/Money Order payable to OCRA to:

                      Yvonne Glenville

                      OCRA Membership Coordinator

                      Unit 104, 20 Dean Park Road

                      Toronto, Ontario     M1B 3G9

Please remember to enclose the membership application form.


Please feel free to send any clarifying questions to the Membership Coordinator at:

Thank you for your membership in OCRA !

Online Registration Form

Please note that by pressing “Submit” at the bottom, this form will be sent to the Membership Coordinator. Alternative Fee payment options are provided in the Payment Options Section above.

OCRA Membership Application Form

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